Potent (feat. DeLe)

by Ford Stems

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Pour it
Lately I've been politicking sipping on that moët
I've been getting into some things that I never should've lately
Just to get away from all these lonely thought without my baby
Now I coming down I need to find me something potent

Tell what you love
Is it me or is it visions of that Porsche
Me and my niggas coming in with the force
My cost, I feel it going up I thank the lord, no change
Still with savages in golden chains, they dangle
Calculated still working from all, these angles
Haters on me gotta treat em all, the same
Hoping that they never fade away

Im feeling like I'm Pablo out in melladín
These pussy niggas sweeter than some daiquiris
Getting scandalous on me like you was Hilary
Don't fuck it up and turn into my enemy
I said I'd go ahead and make that money clean
Switch it up from rapping start doing that RnB
Everything you plan out doesn't pan out like the dream
Keen bean
I just got that ring ring
we moving out

Moving bags of potent
Vintage Honda civic pull up slowly
Get the bands and then I dap the woedy
Then he pull off skrrt

I would never them play sides with you
When it's dangerous girl I'm who slides with you
New nigga pull up tryna crop me out the picture
Tryna play buddy buddy get me to smile with you

Go ahead and take him home with you
Don't come back to me it's slow with you
Should of never got that close with you

They way switched up on me
When you said you loved me
The way I fucked around and fell in love
I thought for a second that you were the one
The way you feel up on me
The way you said you want me
Felt like I could really trust somebody
Now I feel like I don't trust nobody


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Ford Stems Paris, France

Easily distracted by noisy things since 1989


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